They Will Find a Vaccine for Quitting Smoking

Lots of research, lots of questions, very few answers…

The idea behind the vaccine, which has been researched intensively since the early 21st century, is to prevent nicotine from reaching the brain, and therefore from affecting the brain. No effect = no interest in consuming the product.

That’s great, you say. Well, yes, it is – in theory. Although the pharmaceutical companies have made some progress with their research since then, a lot of important questions still haven’t been answered regarding aspects such as dosage levels, cost and the suitability of this type of treatment for all smokers and former smokers.

We recommend that you bear the following basic points in mind when it comes to quitting cigarettes:

  • Tobacco addiction isn’t only a physiological problem (withdrawal symptoms, dosage needs, symptoms, relief … and so on), which could, one day, be solved fairly effortlessly by THE treatment.
  • Although the medical community claims that some nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as nicotine patches and gums, bupropion and varenicline among others, produce positive effects, and despite all the media hype around the “promise” of new drug therapies such as the anti-nicotine vaccine, the fact remains that all these treatments do very little to address the “other” aspects of tobacco addiction, such as the power of rituals and actions, emotional “management”, the power of association between smoking and every aspect of your life, and so on.
  • You need to address all these aspects if you are to have any hope of overcoming your addiction successfully. If you ignore them and rely on drugs alone, you’ll soon have to face some hard truths...

We suggest the following:

  • Don’t delay your attempt to quit smoking in the hope that a miracle cure will do the work for you;
  • Commit yourself body and soul (thoughts, words and actions) to the process of eliminating cigarettes from your life;
  • Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the help and support available from other smokers and former smokers of the I QUIT NOW Facebook group, and to contact the I QUIT NOW quit-smoking specialists available online, by phone (1 866 527-7383), in person in the Quit Smoking Centres or by text message in order to benefit from their expertise;
  • Ask your doctor which nicotine replacement therapy would be best for you.

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