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A method recognised as being effective in helping you break free from cigarettes. Want to quit smoking? Maybe you’re still hesitating. We have what you need to help you break free from tobacco on your own.

I'm still hesitating

If you’re here, it’s because you’re on the fence. You want to quit smoking but doubts and a lack of confidence in your ability to quit are keeping you addicted. The following sections provide simple tips and exercises to help you manage all that and help you get to the next step, which is quitting.

Your Mental Roadblocks

Say goodbye to your doubts, fears, and long held beliefs about smoking. Identifying your mental roadblocks will help you succeed in quitting smoking!

Your Cravings

Stop fighting. Instead, when you crave a cigarette, try to become more aware of what is happening inside of you.

Your Confidence

Evaluate your confidence in your ability to not smoke when faced with different situations on a daily basis. You could be ready for the next step!

I need help

You would like to have support from smoking cessation professionals to help you quit smoking, but you don’t know which service to turn to? Learn more about the I QUIT NOW services and their free personalized support via online help, by phone, in person or by text message.


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Want to meet with a specialist to help you quit smoking?

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*** For Quebec residents only ***

Health care provider access

These forms are for health care providers who want to refer their smoking patient to the I QUIT NOW services. The patient should receive a phone call in 1 or 2 business days after you have submitted the form. The specialists of the I QUIT NOW quitline will receive the completed forms and will offer patients the help of the I QUIT NOW services consisting of:

  • Online help offered by the I QUIT NOW website;
  • Help by phone offered by the I QUIT NOW quitline;
  • Help in person offered by the Quit Smoking Centres of their region;
  • Help by text message offered by the SMAT.
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