I Smoke 100% Natural Cigarettes

The air you breathe is mostly made up of oxygen and a few other gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen, as well as all sorts of dust and germs.

The respiratory system lets the oxygen pass through, while blocking out and expelling dust and other pollutants from the body.

When you breathe tobacco smoke, you’re inhaling more than 4,000 chemical products. Think of the protection and cleaning work you’re asking your respiratory system and, in fact, your whole body, to do every single time you smoke a cigarette!


It’s wrong to believe that so-called all-natural cigarettes are less harmful to your health than those made by companies that add chemicals to their tobacco.

It’s true that cigarettes from the manufacturers contain many additives. Additives are used mostly to:

  • Improve the taste of tobacco;
  • Increase the effect of nicotine on the brain;
  • Control the cigarette’s burn rate;
  • Keep the tobacco fresh as long as possible.

The first two points are very important. The tobacco companies increase the cigarettes’ power so people who try them will become addicted faster.

As soon as a cigarette is lit, it produces thousands of chemical substances such as tar, nicotine, cadmium, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid, etc.

Maybe you’re thinking about people who like the odour of smoke from incense or fireplaces...

The answer: they breathe that kind of smoke only once in a while. That’s why their bodies are able to eliminate the chemical products created by burning incense or wood.

Smokers, however, routinely inhale large quantities of smoke.

It’s the amount and frequency of smoking that produces the harmful effects for the body: cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, skin disease, etc.

So even if you smoke so-called 100% natural tobacco or pot, it doesn’t change a thing. The smoke from those products is still harmful.

You understand that smoking without harming yourself is theoretically and practically impossible, don’t you?

What about smoking marijuana?

You might point out that doctors now prescribe marijuana, or "pot", for their patients. So smoking can’t be all that harmful, right.

The answer:

  • Marijuana is prescribed for a small number of people who are afflicted by extremely painful and serious illnesses.
  • In such cases, pot produces a "pain-reducing" effect, rather like morphine.
  • Pot is therefore used not because it’s good for the health or as a cure, but because it helps certain patients to endure their condition.
  • Because of the state of health of the people for whom pot is "prescribed", it won’t have time to produce its usual harmful effects.

In previous centuries, some people also claimed that breathing tobacco smoke was good for one’s health. We all know how that turned out...

It all boils down to one question: Why dump tobacco smoke into your body?

Wouldn’t you be better off building up your ability to deal with the situations you encounter, instead of having to rely on a roll of paper filled with dried plants?

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