Your Mental Roadblocks

Say goodbye to your doubts and fears, as well as to the beliefs you hold with regard to smoking. Identifying your mental roadblocks will help you to succeed in quitting smoking!

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It’s Too Late to Get any Health Benefits

Maybe reading this will change your mind...

Here are the changes that occur in the human body when a person quits smoking.

I Can’t. I Don’t Have the Willpower

Have repeated failures changed the way you see yourself? You think you’re weak or stupid for failing at quitting smoking despite the negative impact tobacco has on your health? If you answered “yes” these thoughts are harmful to you and moreover, completely unfounded!

I’m Afraid of Gaining Weight While Quitting Smoking

You probably didn’t start smoking to control your weight. You probably noticed one day, when it was too late, that you became addicted to tobacco. By getting hooked on cigarettes, you started smoking more and more, which had an impact on your metabolism: it burn around a hundred more calories per day.

I’m Afraid of Being too Stressed if I Don’t Smoke

You think smoking relaxes you? Nothing could be further from the truth! Not only does nicotine quickly cause addiction, but it also triggers some physical reactions, including a false sense of relief.

I’m Afraid Life Will Become Boring

Many smokers have reported losing interest in many things when quitting smoking. In some cases, a strong feeling of depression set in to the point that the only solution they could envision was to begin smoking again. This reaction is not due to a character weakness but a physiological problem.

I’m Afraid of Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting smoking causes unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms.

Rest assured! These unpleasant feelings are normal and they’re a positive sign. They indicate that your body and mind are adapting to the change, the return to “natural.”

I’m Afraid of how my Entourage Will React

It’s normal to fear the reaction of one’s entourage, especially if you have a lot of friends or colleagues who smoke. However if these people care about you, why fear their reactions? Shouldn’t they be happy for you, and encouraging and supporting you instead?

I’ve Tried Everything and Nothing Worked

We hear you!

Let us just remind you that it takes several tries before succeeding but whatever you do, just don’t quit…quitting!

There are Worse Things than Cigarettes

This objection usually refers to pollution in general and auto pollution in particular. The reality is surprising...

The Dangers of Smoking are Exaggerated

Think about it – why would anyone need to exaggerate? To scare people? Hardly! The truth is that smoking is dangerous enough and there’s really no need to exaggerate.

We’re giving you current information - important information. Information the tobacco companies don’t want you to know. Ignorance is far too profitable for them!

I Smoke 100% Natural Cigarettes

The air you breathe is mostly made up of oxygen and a few other gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen, as well as all sorts of dust and germs.

The respiratory system lets the oxygen pass through, while blocking out and expelling dust and other pollutants from the body.

They Will Find a Vaccine for Quitting Smoking

Lots of research, lots of questions, very few answers…

The idea behind the vaccine, which has been researched intensively since the early 21st century, is to prevent nicotine from reaching the brain, and therefore from affecting the brain. No effect = no interest in consuming the product.

I Panic at the Idea of Quitting Smoking

That’s normal - especially if you’ve had a lot of difficulty in the past.

Smoking? It Didn’t Kill My Grandfather!

It’s a reason we still hear now and then (though the reverse is more common: “My grandfather is dying because of cigarettes.”).

The answer is pretty simple...

If Smoking were Really that Serious, the Government Would Ban it

You might think that if smoking were really serious, the government would ban it. See below...

  • In Quebec, 20% of the population smokes.
  • In other words, 1.5 million people are addicted to an over-the-counter product.

Dying from Smoking or Dying from Something Else

If you knew for sure that the next cigarette would be the one that makes you sick (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, heart disease, etc.), would you still choose to smoke it?

Smoking is my Choice

You often hear smokers say “Smoking is my choice” or “I like to smoke” and even “It’s my right, and it’s nobody’s business but mine.”


I’m Afraid of a Relapse

This is normal - especially if you’ve tried several times

Here’s an explanation of the difference between a slip and a relapse when quitting smoking. This should help you see your past experience in a positive light and confidently take your next steps in breaking free from cigarettes.

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